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Mountain Bridge is based in the South Carolina upstate in the shadow of the lower Appalachian mountains: a region that shares many features and families with Western NC. Neither of which seem to realize a boundary exists. Mountain Bridge enjoys bringing old songs and even a country number or two to our audiences, as well as a few originals: much like the early bands in bluegrass, combining popular rural southern music of the day with the respect for and with the style of the old mountain traditions. 

Performers featured on our upcoming 2021 album.

Barron Rogers, mandolin, of Waynesville, NC is a seasoned veteran of the music, having done stints with the Far City Boys as well as Jerry Butler and the Blue Jays. Barron shares the lead vocals with Chad, as well as jumping in on tenor or baritone when called upon.

Josh Johnson brings years of experience in traditional music as an award-winning fiddle & clawhammer banjo player. He also sings tenor, high baritone, and baritone vocals.

Chad Simpson, rhythm guitar, drives the band with his distinctive rhythm style filling any loose gaps with tasteful bass runs. Chad shares in a lot of the lead vocals as well as filling in on tenor occasionally.

Codie Sloan, banjo, has family roots that date back to the music of Charlie Moore and Bill Monroe. Vocally, Codie makes him home in baritone for now.Chris Williamson, bass, got his professional start with Randy Khors, was a founding member of the group Volume Five, and is currently in the band Backline.